“You live your life,
you go in shadows,
you’ll come apart,
and you’ll go black.
Some kind of night into your darkness,
colors your eyes with what’s not there.”

History lesson:
Fade Into You was Mazzy Star’s highest charting song, hitting the top five of Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart, in 1994, as well as hitting #44 on the Billboard Top 100. The song also landed at #48 on the UK Singles Chart, in the same year.  The music video featured here was one of two that were created for this song. This one, directed by Merlyn Rosenberg, premiered on MTV in late October of 1993, a few weeks after the album So Tonight That I Might See was released. It features the band performing in front of filmed white clouds in a black sky, projected behind them. The scene is interlaced with slow-motion footage of the band in various locations of the Mojave Desert, some of the shots from the same location that U2 had photographed cover artwork for their album, The Joshua Tree.

Fade Into You has been featured in various films and TV shows, including, but not limited to, Gilmore Girls, Alias, Starship Troopers and End of Watch.

Personal Reflection:
In a “like the movies” moment, we met in a crowd of people and were drawn to one another. I know, I know, I am not a believer in that kind of thing either, but it happened. We took to a corner and sat down together, conversation flowing effortlessly, time speeding up and flying by us as the night turned to day. I could have stayed there for weeks talking to him. We were surprised to see the sun shining when we walked out to the parking lot. When I said goodnight at the door I wanted to ask him in, but I was staying with others and a sudden flush of insecurity pulsed through me, turning my words and actions suddenly awkward and clumsy. I shut the door then, leaning against it, trying to catch my breath, my head starting to spin. I wanted to rewind the last minutes and tell him I wanted to see him again. I closed my eyes and wished hard, hoping that somehow he knew.

We saw each other again a day later, nerves flickering between us, but calming as we walked out in the cool night air, side-by-side, talking about everything and nothing. We sat there by the water, the moon full and bright, and shared an unforgettable first kiss. We faded into each other that night, blending and connecting into one. I knew, right there in that moment, that I was falling in love.

Fade Into You :: Mazzy Star


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