Now fall to the bed

Lost on the way inside
by me

my blushing honey-dripped creature of the night
vamp of my sour patch candy glossed lips
I want to sink into the nautical depths of you
build a house out of bamboo stalks
on some nowhere place

I would willingly trade in autonomy for a tangled web
of all your desires
I would let you rule the wind and the sight of my sails
listen to oboe and flute and bubble gum pops
if that were the nature of your sensory vision

Oh passionate anchor pulling me into the deep
drown me and take me
change the color of my soul
I want to ride the tides of your ever-changing moods
learn how to pull from you
the smiling ageless
one of a kind maker of light

I might just find a place to tuck myself
inside your shirt pocket
go everywhere with your breath pouring down on me
know you and your thoughts
your smoky grey fantasies
whisper to you that I am the shadow
and you are the sun

Full Moon, Empty Heart (live) :: Belly

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