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Winter :: Tori Amos

This video feels like a snapshot of the early nineties to me, and the feel of it, the starkness, the vulnerability of just Tori and the simple imagery and the presence of the piano, reminds me so much of how alone I felt during that time in my life. There is strength in it, too, which I know I had, even if I did not always feel it, and even if I did not aways believe in myself.

I love how toward the end it seems like she is stepping out of the confines of a box, out of the starkness, out of the confines of loneliness and confusion, and stepping forward into change, her arms outstretched. That is the crux of the video to me, and the core of the song, and is reflective of how I felt as I persisted through some of the biggest challenges and changes of my younger self.

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