It’s only a matter of time

Each breath and each break, be it cerebral, psychological, or physical, is a machination of something deep within us. Music moves the cog pieces into place some days and helps everything function with more fluidity, or perhaps that is just how it seems. We bend and we break, and yet the wheels still turn.

“You said,
your body is a machine.
It will break,
like you have broken me.”

Your Body is a Machine :: The Good Natured

Some days it takes more to fill the body up. Fuel levels low, serantonin stretched to its limits, and each and every muscle weighed down. The appeal to throw the covers up and over our heads and hide from the world is so overwhelming, our breathing choked, sticky, causing an internal struggle to inhale and exhale. The clock ticks, the sun comes up, and we force ourselves up and out into the world.  We wind the levers, warm the blood, pour the coffee and turn the music up. We persist in movement and flow.

“My body tells me no,
but I won’t quit,
cause I want more.”

My Body :: Young the Giant

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