Baby I just know that there is :: Song of the day

“I’m dying for some action,
I’m sick of sitting round here,
trying to write this book.

I need a love reaction,
c’mon now baby,
give me just one look.”

It took me some time to grow to love Bruce Springsteen. I was never a huge fan when this song came out, though it was this song that I always loved from the first listen, until the personal replays it gets from me today. But, at the time, the rest of his music, and all of the hype that surrounded him, in
general, just did not win me over.

It took time, and it took some digging, and it took really listening to a stack of albums to realize that I had missed something. I love his music now, and recognize the influence he has had on not only music in general, but on many artists I love.

My top ten list of favorite Springsteen songs varies in era and sound, but this song will always be up
at the top. Lyrically (especially the lyrics quoted above), and musically, I have harbored quite a musical crush on this song, and I am pretty sure that I always will.

Dancing in the Dark :: Bruce Springsteen

One thought on “Baby I just know that there is :: Song of the day

  1. Amber Waves – Canada – I'm a music junkie, a horror movie buff, and a potty mouth. I collect rescued abused cats, and give them names like Gravity, Mimi and Kali. They are my furbabies. Cats are superior to humans, you know. Mine are, anyway. I live for music, speak in song. I'm a survivor, a spoonie and a sleepless girl. Words are my jail and they are my freedom, and you'll find me using them on blogs, social media and sometimes, in novels. Maybe I'll tell you about them one day.
    Amber Waves says:

    I, too, took so much time to delve properly into his music. Recently reviewing the new bio got me fully engaged and now I feel pretty ridiculous for not doing so sooner. This song? One of my absolute favourites, forever and ever… and to think, it was an add-on to the album, a “well, there’s nothing screamingly a single, so Bruce, can you spit out one more that’s a sure-fire hit?” song.

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