The 80’s :: I’ve got to wait here for your moon to turn blue

You wanna diva, a deduction, you wanna do what they do;
wanna do damage that you can undo,
apart from everyone,
away from your love,
a part of me belongs apart,
from all the hurt above

History lesson:
Perfect Way, from 1985’s Cupid & Psyche 85 album, was Scritti Politti’s most sucessful album in both the U.S., and the U.K. Scritti Politti, primarily a musical vehicle for singer-songwriter Green Gartside, was innovative in its early use of the techniques of sampling and midi sequencing, when producing pop hits like Perfect Way. The band’s music was characterized by sophisticated studio production and Green’s sly, punning wordplay.

Perfect Way was only a minor hit when released in the U.K., but it became the band’s biggest U.S. single released by the band, just missing the top 10 by peaking at #11.

Personal recollection:
This song always brings back memories of early mornings, sitting on my bed waiting for it to be time to go to school, talking on the phone with my then close friends, Tom and John, each of us with music blaring in the background. There are a group of albums and artists that were ours, music that defined who we were in 1985 as individuals, and who we were to each other. They used to call
me their music girl, though at the time I thought the music was everything we were, that it mattered just as much to each of us, together, and separately. In truth, I think the person it mattered so much to, was me.

I wrote lyrics everywhere, on the back of notebooks, on my shoes, on sheets of paper that I would keep in spiral bound notebooks, or tack up to the locker i sometimes shared with Tom. Words that met up with a melody were magical to me; alive and fluid, seeping underneath my skin and weaving into my stories, and my memories.

We would talk about music, in those early morning conversations. We would play games at who could guess what each other had playing, often laughing at the fact that it was the same song. This one was John’s favorite, and looking back I think that had a lot to do with a now obvious crush he had on Green Gartside. I loved the turn of phrases, the clever lines, the words that seemed to wink and grin at you.

“You think too much, music girl, just sing the song with me.” John would plead, half-teasingly.

Perfect Way :: Scritti Politti


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