I think I need a little poison :: Song of the day

“I have nothing to offer but confusion.”

It was the mid-nineties. It was in my mid-twenties. I was working at Tower Records. I was the Mom of a two year old who was trying to pick herself up after a failed attempt at marriage and “family” (at least the kind of “family” we all saw on TV). I spent any free time I had going to concerts, and losing myself in the music (the job helped on both accounts) and I remember re-discovering Throwing Muses when this album came out – and falling immediately ears over heels for this song.

I also remember listening to this song and discussing with a co-worker how underrated Kristin Hersh was, and how she was as, if not more, brilliant as so many of the female musicians getting so much attention via the Lilith extravaganza/explosion (not that I do not have much love for many of those artists, too, because I went to all 3 Lilith Fairs and have big love for those artists).

Bright Yellow Gun :: Throwing Muses

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