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Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring Francesca Lia Block

1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art?

Every book has a playlist. Film from Fellini to Del Toro, Paintings by Kahlo, Klimpt, Waterhouse etc. Poetry by Plath, Sexton, Dickinson etc. etc.

2. Long distance road trip: what three people do you invite along (fictional or non-fictional, dead or alive)?

Jeni my assistant, friend, adopted kid and Jasmine and Sam my real kids. Jeni has to drive, though.

3. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

Millet with raw tahini, golden berries and apinch of himalayan pink salt crystals.

4. What is one thing that is hanging on your bedroom wall?

A huge painting by my father, Irving Alexander Block. It has a fierce blue background with flowers floating through it.

5. What smell/scent evokes strong memories for you?

Jasmine on a summer night, thus my daughter’s name. Vanilla. Old breeds of blowsy yellow roses that smell like honey. As a child, before I knew about aromatherapy, I would inhale dried lavender from a box covered in white fabric with purple flowers.

6. Coffee or tea?

Genmaicha Green tea or if I am being very indulgent a Green Tea blended boba with almond or rice milk.

7. What has been the most impactful compliment, or criticism, you have ever received?

“Your writing saved my life.”

“Don’t try; just do it.”

8. Three words that describe you?

Creative, Loving, Worried.

9. What is/was your cartoon character crush?

Woodstock? (never fully understood this question).

10. The world is ending in ten minutes and you get to listen to one, and only one, song: Which song?

Sia “Breathe Me

New from Francesca Lia Block, The Elementals

Weetzie Bat Reading (Part 1) :: Live at Book Soup

Breathe Me :: Sia

To learn more about Francesca Lia Block’s writing, fly over here to explore and over here to find others who enjoy her works, and the right over here to purchase one of her many amazing books.

You can find out how to take a writing workshop with Francesca here, or take an extension class at UCLA with Francesca which you can learn more about here.

It is a great pleasure and privilege to have one of my favorite authors participate in the 10 Questions Project, and it also makes me quite giddy to see her last moment on earth song is one that I have ever and always associated with her books.
Oh my stars, how the synergy and synchronicity, and sheer magic of music and writing makes me blissful.

Francesca’s books have meant a great deal to me over the years, and at times have given me solace and consolation in some very dark and rough times. I still find myself in her stories, especially involving Weetzie Bat, as well as I can always find the Los Angeles I know and love, and sometimes hate, but then love again, in her writing. She is an inspiration to me as a writer and artist, and as a person. I hope that I am as generous and inspiring someday with my own writing and creativity, I know that I try with what I put out in the world, and by supporting the art that I love, in all its many forms.

Thank you, Francesca, for your magical words and for how they helped shape and save my life, and thank you for inspiring me in my own writing, and for being a part of the Keep Art Alive 10 Questions.
Go now go and check out more of Francesca Lia Block’s work, read some of her books, take a class, and buy something if you can. Keep art alive and show your support, always.

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