Almost Famous (2000)

The inclusion of Pretty in Pink to lyriquediscorde’s weekly favorite albums posting reminded me of how much I absolutely love good soundtracks, be it for film or for television. With that I decided to add a new weekly feature here at lyriquediscorde, on Wednesdays, giving shout outs to my favorite soundtracks.

To start off with Almost Famous was a given, as the scene on Doris the tour bus, when they have a sing-a-long moment to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, is by far, and without a doubt, my favorite music moment in a movie (that is not a musical) ever. It is such a perfect movie moment, and one that I go to and replay whenever I am having a low moment, as it never fails to make me feel better.

Some days I close my eyes for a moment and wish really hard that I can be transported on to Doris, for a day, or so, and be a part of all of it, including (hopefully) a sing-a-long to Tiny Dancer.

Following are my favorite soundtrack moments from Almost Famous:

The tour bus Tiny Dancer moment

Tiny Dancer (live) :: Elton John

This song explains why I’m leaving home to become a stewardness.”

America :: Simon and Garfunkel

Stillwater on-stage

Fever Dog :: Stillwater

Penny’s dance

The Wind :: Cat Stevens

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