As long as we’re together :: Song of the day

“As long as your still smiling,
there’s nothing more I need.”

So many songs of David Bowie’s are part of the soundtrack of my life. Chapters of the life I have had so far are full of memories that are associated, or triggered by, so many of Bowie’s songs. This one, is both a memory song from my past, and a song I have re-discovered/re-fell in love with recently – so it is now becoming part of the memories I’m making now.

Somewhere in one of my crates of vinyl albums I have the 45” single of this. I played it over and over and over again after I first bought it. I absolutely loved the song. It reminds me of the Summer of 1986, my late teen years, when pretty much all of my money went to buying albums and music
magazines, and going to the movies.

I remember seeing this film a few times in the theater. It was playing at this small shopping mall theater where I used to walk to and waste an entire day seeing everything they would play.

Recently I heard this song again, stumbling on it online (probably posted by a friend who I know absolutely loves this song, too). This time around I think the lyrics sunk in deeper, and it felt more relevant somehow. I think we are all amateurs when it comes to love, stumbling through it, trying it on, and trying so hard to not screw anything up.

I think we are all absolute beginners when it comes to love.

Absolute Beginners :: David Bowie

The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

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