Arms raised in a V :: Video of the day

Jeremy :: Pearl Jam

I am having a I miss the 90’s kind of day and have been on hankering for all the songs and shows of that decade. If I had my way I would be home, still in my pajamas, with a strong pot of coffee and some good friends around, watching old episodes of shows like My So-Called Life, Felicity and The X-Files.

We could play all the 120 Minutes replays I have saved on my DVR, too, and do a sing-a-long to our favorites, like this one.

In-between shows we could make our own mix tapes, not CD’s and not playlists, but tapes with colorful, handmade, DIY case covers.

Perhaps we could collage lyric sheets intermixed with pictures of us back then, juxtaposed with pictures of us today.

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