You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone :: Video of the day

Miss Atomic Bomb :: The Killers
Tour Video

My favorite song off of The Killers new album, Battle Born, the video for Miss Atomic Bomb also showcases my most favorite thing about this band – their live performances. The band itself is incredible live, and Brandon Flowers has stage presence that never stops; they completely blew me away when I saw them play live at Coachella a few years back.

The storyteller in me is slightly disappointed that this is not a mini-movie, illustrating in visuals the story of Miss Atomic Bomb. The Killers tell such captivating tales in their songs that it is hard not to want to see it, but I can close my eyes while listening to the album and create my own film.

This video makes me want to see the band live again…soon. If you get the chance yourself, do not miss them.

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