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Pretty In Pink Official Movie Soundtrack (1986)

I have been a fan of movie soundtracks since I purchased my first album, Xanadu, at 11 years old, with an emptied out piggy bank full of saved allowance. Even now, at 43, I am a sucker for a good soundtrack, be it movie or television, and have had a not so fleeting fantasy of being hired to put together soundtracks to accompany the screen, big and small, more than often.

Subsequently, as I contemplated what album I would choose for this week’s “My Favorite Album” post I thought why not choose a soundtrack, and this was the first one that came to mind. A soundtrack album to one of my all-time favorite movies. I had this first on cassette, later on album, next on CD, and eventually in Mp3 format. The first format, on cassette, I wore out and had to replace once. I found it, the replacement tape, in a case that I used to take with me in the car wherever I went. It was still holding court with many a loved mix tape, as well as a few other of my “favorite albums”.

As the first soundtrack posted in this category, here is Pretty in Pink, song-by-song, with my three-sentence odes to this favorite album:

If You Leave :: OMD

Though I have a longstanding complaint about the ending to this movie, I still do get pin-prickly chills when this song comes on. The things I do love about the ending? Andie showing up on her own, with that realistic mixture of strength and vulnerability, that moment when she hesitates, but persists, and, of course, the moment she sees that Duckie has showed up to be there with her. I will be a Duckie girl.

Left of Center :: Suzanne Vega

My first semester in college I had to take a math lab. The lab consisted of a room full of cubicles with tape players where you were to play the tutorial tapes while working along with the text workbook. I followed along to my own snuck in music, a Suzanne Vega cassette a chosen favorite of three I vividly remember toting around in my purse.

Get To Know Ya :: Jesse Johnson

The one song on the album that is from an artist I never remember ever hearing from again, or hearing before this soundtrack. Vocally, he reminds me quite a lot of Prince from the 80’s, which may be perhaps why I do not remember him much elsewhere. Would inclusion on this soundtrack qualify him to be a “one-hit wonder”?

Do Wot You Do :: Inxs

The Summer between my junior and senior year in high school, a group of friends and I went to see Inxs. We had general admission seats in the grass and could hardly see anything going on the stage, but the music and the energy in the crowd was unforgettable. We danced and screamed and sang along so much that my voice was gone for three days after.

Pretty In Pink :: The Psychedelic Furs

Though there was always a heated debate on this version, the re-recorded movie version, and the original, which Molly Ringwald loved and the film was named after, I was always just ecstatic that one of my favorite bands was getting so much attention. The second I hear this song, either version, I immediately want to watch the movie. I am also utterly fascinated with the girl this song is singing about, not Andie, but the original girl, Caroline; I cannot help but wonder what her story was.

Shellshock :: New Order

My second favorite New Order song, Shellshock reminds me of going dancing at Cloud 9 at Knott’s Berry Farm during the Summer when I was in high school. With an emptied out bottle of that green-gelled Agree shampoo we could get in at a discount, ride a few roller coasters, and then dance the night away. That theme park summer dance party was my gateway drug to Hollywood clubs, and to a certain style of dress that would evolve from those first times dancing there.

Round, Round :: Belouis Some

I think my first round with this album, around the time the movie came out, I overlooked this song. But, a few years later, it started to resonate with me, speaking to me lyrically in regards to a relationship I was in, and the way it would spin me out, and leave me dizzy, as the boy continued to come and go from me. Hearing it now, it reminds me more of that time with that boy then the movie it was a part of.

Wouldn’t It Be Good :: Danny Hutton Hitters

Until writing this post today, I had always thought that it was the Nik Kershaw version of this song that was on the soundtrack. I am both confused and surprised at this, as I am quite familiar with Nik’s version, and the video that went along with it, though listening to them now, one following the other, I definitely hear the difference. This is proof that I learn something new about music everyday, even about well-loved, favorite albums of mine.

Bring on the Dancing Horses :: Echo and the Bunnymen

My first husband was obsessed with Echo and the Bunnymen when I first met him. He played this song for me on his guitar and sang it to me early on in our relationship, on the third or fourth date. He played it on bass, too, in his first band.

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want :: The Smiths

Pretty sure I could write for days on how much I related to this song as a teenager, recalling many a night sitting alone in my room writing in composition books and crying over some unrequited love, or fight with a friend. I was always so ever hopeful, and so often let down, by people in my life when I was young. I still kept hoping though, ever sure that I would get what I wanted someday.

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