I may be great tomorrow, but hopeless yesterday

Don’t Get Me Wrong :: The Pretenders

I love synchronicity. Those moments when you are experiencing something so strongly, or taking something in deeply, and suddenly you are surrounded by reminders, coincidences, and mirrored reflections of your inner make-up.

I love cover songs. The new dip into something familiar, and how you can hear the unique something that is added when a new voice evolves something to an existing piece of art. In a way it is similar to writing with a certain song, or collection of songs, playing in the background. You take from it, you sew it into the lines and phrases, and you create a new representation.

All of it, is it not just shared experiences? The collective unconscious taking a turn in the playground of energy, lyrical refrain, and magic – who could not fall for that?

Don’t Get Me Wrong :: Lily Allen

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