Friday Five :: It could happen to you, so think for yourself

Catch My Fall :: Billy Idol
Friday Five

This song reminds me of…

1. The movie Modern Girls, even though I am quite sure the song wasn’t part of the soundtrack (I think it was in Some Kind Of Wonderful, actually). This movie, though, was a favorite of my friend Kate and I, one of those films we would watch repeatedly until we could recite all the lines ourselves, when we were in our late teens.

2. My first car, an old Honda hatchback which had a tendency of overheating all the time, and traveling with far too many people inside. If that car could tell stories, though, I am sure it would have a book, or two, to churn out.

3. Part of a story I have been working on, off and on again for a few years, which centers around a small group of friends in three different times in their lives – one being the early-to-mid-80’s. This was one of the songs I have on the “writing soundtrack playlist” that I listen to when working on that time of the story.

4. Hollywood, at night, driving around the intersection of Sunset and La Cienega.

5. Cherry sour candy from the candy store in Fantasyland, and drinks with Rum mixed in.

One thought on “Friday Five :: It could happen to you, so think for yourself

  1. This is the best response to give someone as to why you don’t trust anyone in authority (in my case, being taken advantage of by the education system and the medical profession): “It could happen to you, so think for yourself.” More of us need to think for ourselves instead of blindly following society’s method, which is usually wrong. Trust your instincts. Don’t compromise yourself. You are all that you’ve got (attributed to Janis Joplin).

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