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List Bands That Should Have Never Broken Up courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

Editor’s Note: Commenting on who should not have broken up musically feels like weighing in on couples who should not have broken up, which makes me instantly think “who am I to judge on who should stay together, or break apart?” That said, I am choosing to interpret this question as who do I wish had not broken up for my own potentially selfish music fan reasons.

1. The Beatles

All You Need Is Love

2. The Replacements

Can’t Hardly Wait

3. The White Stripes

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (live)

4. Nirvana

All Apologies (live)

5. R.E.M.


6. Rilo Kiley

Portions for Foxes

7. The Libertines

Up the Bracket

8. Wilco

You & I

9. James


10. Travis

Writing to Reach You

11. Smashing Pumpkins


12. The Psychedelic Furs

Heartbreak Beat

13. Guns N’ Roses


14. Blur

Coffee & TV

15. The Smiths


16. Inxs

Never Tear Us Apart

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