Do you miss me?

“To vanish into oblivion,
is easy to do.
And, I try to be,
but you know me,
I come back when you want me to.”

There are moments in a life that stick with us for just that – life. They imprint hours and ideas and visual cues on our skin and we go on living, forever carrying the haze and the tint of those memories.

When one of those moments is shared with someone else, the someone else who becomes part of those memories we carry, the memory of them in the memory itself becomes a sense of missing, and of longing; even if we do not remember the same way, we may miss each other similarily.

Ever have days like that?

Miss Misery :: Elliott Smith

Miss Misery (live) :: Elliott Smith

I don’t want to leave.” ~ Bob
So don’t. Stay here with me. We’ll start a jazz band.” ~ Charlotte

~ Lost in Translation

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