Nothin’ but love, even when you can’t see it

Nothin’ But Love :: Brendan James

Celebrating love and supporting marriage and love equality, Brendan James’ new video is incredibly moving and beautiful. Please watch, listen and share this video.

Brendan James, on his decision to use this video as a platform for speaking (singing) out for marriage equality:

“While on tour in September, I stopped in Atlanta at the request of an old college friend, Jeremy O’Keefe. Jeremy is now a successful filmmaker who was spending the summer in Atlanta. He asked if I would shoot a special music video with him, using my new song, ‘Nothin’ But Love,’ as a platform for marriage equality and gay rights. I said yes without blinking an eye. Jeremy is gay, and to think that he is denied the same marriage rights that I am is unbelievable to me. He invited 30 people of different races, ages and lifestyles to come and lip-sync my song that day. And the result was overwhelming. I’d like to thank everyone involved for the love and kindness they brought to the set that day, and for showing me first hand just how humble and meaningful their cause really is. I hope this simple video helps tip the scales towards love and marriage equality in this country. It’s definitely time.”

Thank you for this, it is truly beautiful and inspiring.

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