We’re just ordinary people, you and me

“You and I were two old and tortured souls,
repaired by a love of broken things,
in a life, just some bodies growing old.
o fear of the end, of anything,
we’re just ordinary people, you and me,
time will turn us into statues, eventually”

Sometimes I stumble upon a song that has been sitting, un-played, in my music player and I am just thrown. This is one of the simplest and truest of love songs I have heard in a long time.

It reminds me a bit of Seventies love songs (or what do they like to call them on the infomercials? The soft sounds of the Seventies). Perhaps it is the piano, which I have a weakness for, or just the feel to the song. It also reminds me a bit of Ben Folds’ The Luckiest, both lyrically and yeah, the piano.

As a writer I am ever striving to find a way to say everything in the most concise of ways, but I am wordy and I often write as much as I tend to talk…which is quite a lot. So, when I come across something that gives over emotion, feeling, and soul I tend to be deeply moved. This song is an example of that.

Statues :: Foo Fighters

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