Come back to me

“All this for nothing, yeah yeah yeah,
praying and hoping, fooling yourself.
You know that you can give love a reason,
give love a chance.
We tumble and fall.”
Waking up early from a dream where things made sense and falling did not leave marks and scars, that is how this morning felt when I first opened my eyes. Though I also woke up sleepy-eyed and worn out. Perhaps in my subconscious slumber I was running around trying to sort out the loose-ends of my life, or was I in a passionate embrace I was not quite ready to leave? Do we live a completely different life in our dreams, or do we just tumble through our waking life wishes and wants?

This was the first song i heard this morning.

Tumble & Fall :: Feeder

Something about it reminds me of the last song I heard before closing my eyes the night prior which was Anemone by the Brian Jonestown Massacre (see below). There is a similarity in the songs that is not surface clear, but I hear it, or maybe I just feel it. Did Anemone set the tone for the dreams I had? And did Tumble & Fall bridge the dream scape into my waking life this morning? Or, is this just all the rambling nonsense of a late night cup of coffee psyche? Either way, the music is damn good today.

Anemone :: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Now I’m missing you more,
cause baby you’re not around,
now that you’re not around.”

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