We’re caught in a trap

If I were to kiss you, would you think I was a bad girl?” ~ Catwoman

But…uh…no…no of course not Catwoman.” ~ Batman

This is one of those songs that I have heard, and loved, many a cover of. Pete Yorn’s rendition, especially, is one of my favorites. That said, the original is truly the best to me and does it for me, every single time.

Obsessive love, seasoned (or poisoned) by jealousy, and fueled by something that is hard to articulate, and even harder to leave; is it a chemical connection? That kind of pull that attracts opposites, superheroes and villains, the two least likely to fall, that kind of a pair looks great on a screen, and in the pages between, does it not? One of those explosions one likes to watch from afar (but only from a distance).

I was reading something earlier on the origins of Batman, and Catwoman, and while I was reading Suspicious Minds came on via shuffle. It was one of those moments where everything aligned in that magical, and admittedly geeky way, that makes me pause and smile.

What would I do without music and pop culture, and the kind of random thinking, and conversations, that come of it?

Suspicious Minds (live) :: Pete Yorn

Suspicious Minds (live) :: Gavin Rossdale

Suspicious Minds :: Fine Young Cannibals

Suspicious Minds (live) :: Flaming Lips

Suspicious Minds (live) :: My Morning Jacket

Suspicious Minds (live) :: Mic Christopher & The Frames

Suspicious Minds :: Elvis Presley

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