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Fight Club (1999)

You met me at a very strange time in my life.” ~ The Narrator

One of my favorite movie (and book) themes are stories of alternate realities, which is one of the things that always draws me back to this film. Today, thinking about the film, I find myself fixated on Marla and the Narrator’s relationship. Marla knows both sides of The Narrator, she knows him as he sees himself, and she knows Tyler’s side of things, and is seemingly both attracted and repelled by both sides, or perhaps “repelled” is too strong, “rejected” might have more truth to its depiction.

What I find myself contemplating, though, is how we are all mulitple selves, different masks and personas tried on and worn depending on who we are with, where we are at, and what role we perceive to be needed and necessary for each and every scenario. Is it not the one person we hold dearest and closest, or partner or soul mate or whatever title we want to bestow on them, the person who sees all the people that we are? They see all the sides, the good and the bad, and they stick around anyway? Those are the people we stick with, as well, for life (or at least attempt to).

From that lens, then, is this film part love story? What are your thoughts?

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