But I am free

“I was always an unusual girl. My Mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality.”

I have been fascinated with Lana Del Rey’s music, and the stories she tells in her songs, from the first time I heard her. I persisted in my interest and enjoyment of her music even through the terribly cruel press she received after an unfortunate appearance on Saturday Night Live. I was honestly sickened by what happened to her in the press and among music fans, how she went from being an internet darling, the talk of all the coolest of cool music blogs and publications, to the torrential slagging off and dismissal of her after an awkward performance. My how we love to raise people up only to tear them down in this society. Through all of it, though, I continued to be fascinated by her, and drawn to her music. And now, watching this 10-minute music video/short film for Lana’s new song Ride, I am now also taken by her artistic vision.

The video calls to mind David Lynch (especially Mulholland Drive and Wild at Heart), Wim Wenders’ film Paris, Texas, and a modern day Vivien Leigh/Blanche DuBois. I want more of this story, and more of “The Artist” that Lana is portraying. I want to know about this chameleons fall from grace, or flight of freedom, whichever you may perceive this story as. The quote above, taken from the voice-over at the start of the video, hits me deeply in that “oh my stars how I can relate” sort of way – a chameleon myself, with a wandering, gypsy soul, I am so completely drawn to this character.

The song, too, in its worldly sadness, yet exaltation of flying free, has me utterly transfixed.

Ride :: Lana Del Rey

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