Pacific Air :: Long Live Koko :: New Music Review

Pacific Air :: Long Live Koko

Indie pop duo, Southern Californian brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon of Pacific Air, released the EP Long Live Koko today, and I cannot seem to listen to much else. It is breezy and blissful, in that late Summer vacation kind of way that makes me wish this album had been released two months earlier. Though the brothers describe the journey to this album coming from a darker place, the songs entertwine together on the record to become something both soothing and hopeful. Perhaps it is a mistake of perception on my part, though, as I am in the midst of a crisis of big decisions and I am most certainly longing for something that feels like peace.

This EP feels like peace, to me.

The first single,  and first song on the EP, Float, is addicting and joyous, and definitely my initial favorite. There is this bubbly evervescence to the tune that makes me want to spin around on the beach, kicking up a bit of sand, revelling in the feel of the salty breeze blowing through my hair. This is a bliss bringing song, truly.

Intermission is another favorite of mine. Less catchy, the sleepier song still evokes that vacation feeling. This sounds like a mid-afternoon nap of a lullaby, again the word breezy springs to mind, as does the sound of an ocean current ebbing and flowing, back-and-forth. This song is instantly calming, to me.

Roses feels wrongly named to me, as lyrically seems ocean-centric, as an ill-fated, mismatched relationship is celebrated. Again, this song feels like Summer to me, and for whatever reason I connect roses to Winter in my mind (again, possibly my biased perception in place).

I love the opening organ sound in So Strange. It immediately brings to mind Venice Beach in the late 60’s, and some of the music of The Doors. This is the road trip number on the album, the one I want to drive to, and the one that belongs on one of my “on the road” music mixes.

You can stream the EP in its entirety here. If you do, I would love to read what you think of it in the comments area, so please do share. In the meantime, click play to hear my favorite of the EP; I think you will love it.

Float :: Pacific Air

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