keep art alive :: art by Joshua Petker

Life is this way, you wake up one morning with your day planned out, and all those stresses and plans they all spin around in your head. You know what they are, how they look and feel, we all have them, all the problems in your life always weigh heavier than they may actually be if you only took some time to change your perspective; to take a step back. When you breathe for a moment, park your car on the side of the road and maybe write something down, turn the radio up, spend an extra few minutes on the phone with a friend – it changes it, doesn’t it? It makes it all so much more bearable – this living a life.

Through it all we have these interactions with people, whether in the flesh kind of meetings, or otherwise. I think sometimes we take for granted that the people who matter to us will always be there, and that those other ones, the ones we are either just getting to know, or only know in a seemingly small way – well, we think there will always be time to connect. We live our lives in a pattern, a routine, and sometimes a rut. We complain to each other about what we would change if we could, what we wish were different, what we really and truly want. And, the best of us – the truest of us – we listen to each other, we hold each other’s hands, we believe in each other’s capacity to be more than we are. And in that, well, sometimes it is the smallest of words that make all the difference.

I hope that my words, at least occasionally, make a difference in this life, I really do.

:: Jeff Buckley

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