Can’t Hardly Wait :: Monday Movie Moments

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

First kisses cinematically are often the stuff of perfect moments, dramatic build-up, romantic or at least iconic music in the background, and poised choreography. It is a rare thing to see the reality of what most first kisses are truly like. To me, Can’t Hardly Wait captures just that, and with two of my favorite actors doing it, Lauren Ambrose and Seth Green.

I love the unexpectedness, the connection that creeps in, and the awkwardness at the time, and the next day, as well. I also love the shared humor between them, and the history and the caring for each other, that is obvious, but not the least bit contrived.

I am a fan of ensemble casts and also of “all in one night” movies. Can’t Hardly Wait is both, and is both done well. An underrated movie, it remains one of my favorites that is a movie I grab for when I need cheering up, or to be within the comfort of familiar happy feelings. It is in my top 5 “all in one night” movies, and also one of my favorite 90’s teen movies, and 90’s movie soundtracks.

Denise and Kenny are definitely my favorites, and are two characters I always wanted to know “what happened next?”

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