Friday Music Theme Playlist :: Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature :: Horror/Sci-Fi On-Screen Playlist
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Psycho The Murder/Shower Scene :: Los Angeles Philharmonic
Science Fiction Double Feature :: Richard O’Brien
Jeepers Creepers :: Jack Teagarden
The Shining Theme
Peek-a-Boo :: Siouxsie & the Banshees
Weird Science :: Oingo Boingo
Ghostbusters :: Ray Parker, Jr.
Halloween Theme
I Put a Spell On You :: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Pet Sematary :: The Ramones
The Blob :: The Five Blobs
Darth Vadar’s Theme :: John WIlliams
Cat People (Putting Out the Fire) :: David Bowie
Dream Warriors :: Dokken
Cry Little Sister :: Gerard McMann
Trouble in Woodsboro :: Robert Walsh
Hellraiser :: Motorhead
He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask) :: Alice Cooper
Puttin’ on the Ritz :: Young Frankenstein cast
Tubular Bells, Part 1 :: Mike Oldfield
Love Song for a Vampire :: Annie Lennox
People are Strange :: Echo & the Bunnymen
Halloween Main Title :: Dominik Hauser
Sympathy for the Devil :: The Rolling Stones
Closer :: NIN
The Beast with Five Hands :: The Groovie Ghoulies
Blood Gets Thin :: Pete & the Pirates
The Phantom of the Opera :: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Tonight You Belong to Me :: Patience & Prudance
Phantom of the Paradise :: Avoriaz
Sweet Transvestite :: Tim Curry
I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl :: Nina Simone
The Twilight Zone Theme
Goodbye, Horses :: Q Lazarus & Garvey
Running Up That Hill :: Placebo
I Have the Touch :: Heather Nova
School’s Out :: Soul Asylum
Theme from Rosemary’s Baby
Bad Things :: Jace Everett

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