Weekly Music Round-Up :: Week of September 24, 2012

This week’s Weekly Music Round-Up, where share a song from some of what’s new in music and give the album a mini-review three sentences in length, will start with my two favorite new release of the week, Mumford & Sons Babel and Tim Burgess’ Oh No I Love You.

Mumford & Sons :: Babel

I Will Wait :: Mumford & Sons

Heavy banjos and powerful vocals that build and expand, Babel is rich with emotion. At times a bit predictable, but most of the time the album soars. Every track demands repeated listening and makes me long to hear them all performed live.

Tim Burgess :: Oh No I Love You

White :: Tim Burgess

I love Tim Burgess’ voice so much, it has that instant soothing and blissfully light impact on me. I love the mix and match feeling of Northern Soul and Americana, coming together for a drink and a stroll on the beach, breezy and cool like. I also love the melancholic nature of much of the lyrics, and the way that is juxtaposed against such delicate vocals and almost giddy sounds.

Green Day :: Uno!

Nuclear Family :: Green Day

It took time, distance, and the rock opera American Idiot to bring me around to Green Day, but I have come around and this album takes angst and makes it fun and full of energy. I am choreographing each song for the stage in my head, though. This album is a “dance dance dance while I tell the word to fuck off” kind of musical celebration, and I dig it.

Ringo Deathstarr :: Mauve

Rip :: Ringo Deathstarr

Heavy and light, swirling and noisy, atmospheric and catastrophic, Mauve is the love-child of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain. This album makes me feel fuzzy and when turned up high it gives me that “I’m so high” feeling. There is something quite seductive about this album.

Lucy Rose :: Like I Used To

Bikes :: Lucy Rose

A sweeter and softer Lily Allen, or Kate Walsh, and at times a bit too sweet and soft, Like I Used To does make for a lovely listen, overall. These songs feel like a soundtrack for a lazy day by the ocean, something to have playing in the background of relaxing moments, but not something to overtake said moments. This may be a grower of an album, for me.

Dark Horses :: Everywhere

Radio :: Dark Horses

I am enjoying the hell out of this album, and find myself coming back to it with a distinct wanting of more. This album fits nicely alongside of my Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Blonde Redhead albums, and that right there is some pretty keen company. I am incredibly intrigued by this band, and album.

Cave Painting :: Votive Life

So Calm :: Cave Painting

Another album out this week that I cannot seem to get enough of. The songs here remind me somewhat of Yeasayer, Fun. and Young the Giant in their post-modern shoegaze, indie pop with a bit more edge feel and sound. There is also something very cinematic about these songs in that way that I will not be the least bit surprised to catch one on a film or television show soundtrack.

Dum Dum Girls :: End of Daze

I Got Nothing :: Dum Dum Girls

This has been a week of albums I am really falling in love with, and Mine Tonight is definitely on that “fallen in love with a new album” list. Sonically ethereal, I find myself wanting to drive aimlessly through the city at night while these songs play. I love the darker side of 60’s girl group sound that the Dum Dum Girls have on this albu, so much.

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