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keep art alive :: photograph by Anna Axster

Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring Ryan Bingham

1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art?

It’s a bit of everything. Films, photographs, paintings, sculptures, music. It all has an influence on me.

2. Long distance road trip: what three people do you invite along (fictional or non-fictional, dead or alive)? 

Mark Twain, Martin Luther King Jr., Hunter S. Thompson.

3. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?


4. What is one thing that is hanging on your bedroom wall?

A portrait of Robert Johnson. 

5. What smell/scent evokes strong memories for you?

Pinon pine from New Mexico.

6. Coffee or tea?


7. What has been the most impactful compliment, or criticism, you have ever received?

Someone once told me that I was wasting my time with music. A few years later I won the Oscar, so I guess that kind of criticism has always had an opposite impact on me.

8. Three words that describe you?

Hard-headed, adventurous, honest, and a little selfish sometimes.  I guess that’s four.

9. What is/was your cartoon character crush?

Never had one.

10. The world is ending in ten minutes and you get to listen to one, and only one, song: Which song?

“A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall”  by Bob Dylan.

To learn more about his music and where to find his fantastic new album, Tomorrowland, along with some other fun goodies, wander on over here.

Ryan is on tour right now, catch him if you can he puts on an amazing show as I wrote about here in my review of his show at the Fonda, in Los Angeles. Honestly, do not miss seeing him live!

His upcoming tour dates can be found here, where you can purchase tickets, as well.

I would like to thank Ryan for participating in the keep art alive: ten questions project, and for being inspirational to my writing, and for writing and performing some of the most moving music I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.
Your songs have made quite an impact on me, so thank you.
Most recent live review available here.
Go now go and check out more of his work, listen to an album, check for shows, and buy something if you can.
Keep art alive and show your support, always.

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