Tori Amos :: Under the Pink :: My Favorite Albums

Tori Amos :: Under the Pink (1994) Once upon a time there was a girl who was hidden within the body and the casings of a life of a woman. She was afraid all the time though she hid the fear well. She had survived battles and breakdowns and pain that few new of before she was able to name them, or understand. Her skills to survive made her feel older than her years, but they also haunted her, the feeling that at any moment she would have to choose to fight or flight, kept her tied up in knots, … Continue reading Tori Amos :: Under the Pink :: My Favorite Albums

It may seem quite simple

This song unlocks a part of me that was locked up with a heart shaped key back when I was a little girl. It is filled with a naive fantasy of a long-lost father that did not leave, but got lost, and was still looking for his daughter. It is the stuff of old movies watched late at night on a couch that felt bigger than the world itself, and the belief I held then that all that witty repoitre and dramatic endings where it all worked out were possible. A part of me still believes in the latter, the … Continue reading It may seem quite simple

Beautiful Girls :: Monday Movie Moments

Beautiful Girls (1996) One of the most bittersweet moments in film, sad and beautiful all at once. It always spoke to that part of me that remembers my first love, unrequited completely though not for the same age related issues. It also reminds me of the hope and the pain that can come out of such love, and the lessons that are learned, even if learnings are not what the heart wants. It also speaks to connections that come into our lives, often when we least expect it, and what we gift each other in the coming together. This film … Continue reading Beautiful Girls :: Monday Movie Moments