“I’ve been running way too fast,
but I don’t have far to go.
If I can keep from running out of gas,
hopefully I’ll make it home.
It’s nothing left out here for me to see,
nowhere else to roam.
It’s nothing left out here for me to be,
in the never ending show.”

The restless, rambling, gypsy soul of mine is envious of cross-country music tours, the twists and travels from one city to the next, sleeping with wheels rolling beneath you, diner food and late nights in the middle of nowheres, a blanket of stars above. Admittedly, though, I have never been on tour before, the closest to compare being two cross-country moves that were more exhausting then exhilarating. I suppose that is what a tour is most of the time, tiring and draining. Regardless, I still have a dreamy wish to find out myself.

This song reminds me of Cowboy Junkies’ 200 More Miles and quite a few Ryan Adams’ tunes. I am half-tempted to put together an on the road/on tour playlist. What songs would you recommend to take part in the wheels on a tour bus mix?

Never Ending Show :: Ryan Bingham

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