Leaving Town :: Dexter Freebish
Friday Five

1. This is one of those songs that I completely forgot about until I stumbled upon it this week. Once I hit play and heard the first beats of sound, though, my memory of it, down to all of the lyrics, came rushing back.

2. There is always a part of me that wants to pack up and move somewhere new. My Grandfather called it a gypsy soul, one he had, as well. If I suddenly came into money and had the opportunity to take an unplanned trip somewhere, anywhere really, I would jump on it and go.

3. That said, there is a big part of me that constantly craves stability and a feeling of home. This contradiction of emotion makes it a struggle at times to be in a long-term relationship, unless the other person with me has the same sense of adventure mixed with the capability of making a home together.

4. The first time I left home it was to move a few cities distance from where I grew up. It was not far, and it was not exactly where I wanted to go, but it was still exciting. I can still vividly remember what it felt like to pack up my life and take it somewhere else for the first time.

5. I am really glad I found this song again; I like it, a lot.

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