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30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 30 :: Your Favorite Song at This Time Last Year

Time tends to blur and blend sometimes for me, and the music I listen to is various and near endless, words like favorite, despite that being the purpose of these challenges, are hard on me. That said, peering through a playlist I made for myself this week last year Dawes is certainly bright, shiny, front and center. If I recall correctly, it was around this time last year that I was discovering their music, and getting obsessed with this song.

It is in my top three favorites of theirs, and one that I love playing loudly in the car and singing along to, just as loudly.

Their songs speak (sing) about love and relationships, and one’s self in love and relationships,  the way I feel about love and relationships, and myself within them. They resonate very clear and deep with me, just adding to the fact that I dig the way they sound.

So yes, this time last year this song would have been one of my favorites.

And with that, I complete a 30-day challenge that took more than 30-days.

If I Wanted Someone (live) :: Dawes

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