30 Day Challenge :: Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 29 :: A Song From Your Childhood

Music was a huge part of my childhood, thanks mostly to my Mom who had music playing nearly all the time, and who would take me along to the record store anytime either of us needed cheering up. Her love of music was contagious, and I cannot remember, at all, a time when I did not love music.

There are so many songs I could choose for this, but for today I am going with the first one that came to mind. The first time I recall hearing this was in the car with my Mom, and I immediately fell in love with it. I used to sing it all the time. The story goes, according to my Mom, that I told her one day, proudly, that I knew what the song meant. Curious, she had asked what it meant, and I said, “Ice cream and cake, of course. That is an afternoon delight.”

Though I am much older now and definitely know that the song was not about dessert food, I still think of ice cream and cake first when I hear the song, and it never ceases to make me smile.

Afternoon Delight :: Starland Vocal Band

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