30 Day Challenge :: Angels fall like rain

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 28 :: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

Not so much guilty, as regretful, I suppose. It is a song that reminds me of a lost chance and a poor choice, a misstep and a missed opportunity, the proverbial “one that got away” that is so often a plot device, or stereotype, but no matter, when it happens to you it can hurt like hell. The memory, and the “could have been”, it is like a ghost that lives within you for always. The memory never fades away, no matter how I have let it go, it still remains.

There were things I never explained. I disappeared without word or warnning, but not without reasons, well my reasons, not that I conveyed them, or explained them. I guess that is the part that haunts the most, what was unsaid, what I wish I could say, and the apology that is floating some where in the ether. I never met to hurt anyone, especially not him.

I was just so scared and so very insecure, back then.

I would not change my life right now, but a part of me still wonders what would have happened, what that version would look like.

The Ghost In You :: The Psychedelic Furs

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