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List a Song that Reminds You of Each Lover You’ve Had
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

Editor’s Note :: To honor both my heart and my history, I am defining lover as those I have had and shared romantic love with, not just someone I had sex with, as that seems limiting, and I want everything I post in this space to be anything but limiting, and to be true reflections of who I am.
Also, in chronological order, for the most part.

1. Love is Love :: Culture Club
Reminds me of my first love

2. Shake the Disease :: Depeche Mode
Reminds me of my high school boyfriend, short-lived as we were

3. I’ve Done Everything For You : Rick Springfield
Reminds me of the first falling for a jerk

4. You May Be Right :: Billy Joel
Reminds me of “the first”

5. Classic Girl :: Jane’s Addiction
Reminds me of the passionate one

6. Jeepster :: T-Rex
Reminds me of the charismatic liar

7. Dancing Barefoot :: Patti Smith
Reminds me of the one I was too young for

8. Nothing Compares 2 U :: Sinead O’Connor
Reminds me of the one that broke my heart

9. Wild Horses (live) :: The Rolling Stones
Reminds me of the one whose heart I broke

10. Everyday is Like Sunday :: Morrissey
Reminds me of the fellow writer

11. Jump in the River :: Sinead O’Connor
Reminds me of the one who was someone else’s boyfriend

12. Fuck and Run (live) :: Liz Phair
Reminds me of the one I did not expect to be a one night stand

13. Innocent One :: Michael Penn
Reminds me of my first husband

14. Melt! (live) :: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Reminds me of the dark, confusing one

15. Hold On :: Sarah McLachlan
Reminds me of the one that I shared a breakdown with

16. Untitled :: The Cure
Reminds me of the one that got away that I never will forgot

17. Northern Lad :: Tori Amos
Reminds me of the one I settled for

18. (I’d Like To) Volunteer :: Dramarama
Reminds me of the one I would marry the second time, who would be the other one to break my heart, and make me a widow

19. Chicago :: Sufjan Stevens
Reminds me of the mistake

20. School Night :: Ani DiFranco
Reminds me of the what if one

21. Set Fire to the Third Bar :: Snow Patrol
Reminds me of the long distance one that still hurts a lot

22. Strange Condition :: Pete Yorn
Reminds me of the rock star

23. Again, Again :: Lady Gaga
Reminds me of the one that was too young for me

24. Fuck Was I :: Jenny Owen Youngs
Reminds me of…well, the song title says it all

25. I’m Yours :: Jason Mraz
Reminds me of the one who almost was

25. A Little Bit of Everything (live) :: Dawes
Reminds me of hope and love

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