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30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 18 :: A Song That You Wish You Heard On The Radio

Once upon a time in my musical history radio was where I discovered new music. There were stations that broke artists and bands, that brought different sounds and styles forward, and that had me racing to the record store after hearing a new song just once. I used to sit with my fingers poised on the record button, blank cassette in place, ready and waiting to capture the next new music discovery so I could listen to it again and again, and share it with my friends. We would call each other on the phone, hold the receiver to the speaker, and listen together.

I miss those days.

Anymore now it is an exception to the rule to discover music on the radio. It is the internet, music blogs, recommendations from music savvy friends, some tv shows or films, or at times in a magazine, that I find new music. This is not to say that any of those sources are not great places to find music, and at times also a place to connect with fellow music lovers, but sometimes I miss sitting in my room with the radio turned on, my heart racing as I fell for the next best song.

Dawes is a band I discovered through a musical savvy friend, and was reminded of again on an episode of Parenthood. I wish a band like this was getting radio play on one of the local Los Angeles radio stations, I do.

If I Wanted Someone (live from the Sleepover Shows) :: Dawes

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