30 Day Challenge :: But I couldn’t stay away

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 17 :: A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio

Oh Adele, how much I loved your two albums 19 and 21, especially 21, but oh how I am so tired of it now. The main reason is the radio play, the constant, non-stop, you cannot go anywhere and not hear Someone Like You  or Rolling in the Deep kind of radio play. Even now, when it has seemingly lessened, I still feel like I hear it everywhere, as well as her other “hits” off the album. Beyond the radio dial, it seems that every contestant to every music related song has to try to tackle Adele, as well, and I just want to scream (and okay, sometimes I do scream at the television) “No! Don’t do it! Pick something else!”

Of course, I find myself wanting to yell that at the radio, too.

With some time, and some radio silence, I am sure I will get over it and return eventually to the songs that made me love Adele to begin with; someday.

Someone Like You :: Adele

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