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30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 16 :: A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate

I am not good with the word hate. It is one of those words that I feel is so big and final and ugly that I do not want to just bandy it around carelessly, or throw it at people and things irregardless of the sting it delivers. I can honestly only think of a few things that I honestly hate and they are truly ugly and evil things, at least to me. So, the editor’s edit here would be to change hate to sick of.

Come On Eileen used to have a significance to me. It was part of a memory of an unforgetable night that had me acting much more brave and bold then I had ever before. It was the first noticable moment that I was healing and changing from the scared victim of a girl I had once been, and I cherished that moment. I still do. I still look back with love and awe at that version of me, of the boy I was with, the friends that were around, the cherry sour candies we had (bought from the inside of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, at Disneyland) and the music that was playing.

For many a moment long after that evening when I would hear this song play it would make me sometimes smile, sometimes laugh, sometimes laugh, and sometimes even blush. On Friday nights at the first record store I ever worked at my co-workers and I would take turns picking 45’s to play on the store’s turntable and this song was always one of my choices.

This was only one of the songs from that night, a stand-out because it accompanied a truly magical kiss, but it was not the only soundtrack of the night.

The seemingly endless radio play that this song has gotten over the last ten years on each and every flashback to the eighties special, including a local favorite radio stations daily flashback lunches, has just ruined this song for me. It now makes me cringe and think REALLY? AGAIN? And that annoyance outshines the memory, and has caused me to strongly feel that “I am so sick of this song.”

But, once upon a time I used to love it.

Come On Eileen :: Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s

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