30 Day Challenge :: Its midnight

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 15 :: A Song That Describes You

It is not exactly me, as I am not sure any song is exactly me, more like pieces of me scattered among so many songs and lyrics and in some cases entire albums. This song, though, has bits of me embedded so intrinsically that it is deeper than literal meaning. It is that street, and the feelings of loneliness, and the city itself, and just the way the song feels when I listen to it, especially with ear buds tucked into my ears and the volume turned up a bit too loudly.

The song, for me, speaks to introverts trying to be extroverts, hearts that feel too damaged to love completely even though they keep persisting regardless, hearts that love too much each and every time, and the pang and pain of depression and addiction, and sleeplessness.

Again, it is not literally me, but there are times when it feels exactly like me, perhaps on those darker, more insomnia-driven nights. Although, to me, there is hope at the end of the song, the optimist that spins around in me even on those darkest nights; the optimist sits in the diner with a pot of coffee and an understanding smile.

Starlite Diner :: Ryan Adams

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