You Are Home :: My top 20 leaving planet earth albums

List the Twenty Albums You’d Bring if You Were Leaving Planet Earth on a Spaceship
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

  1. Rubber Soul :: The Beatles
  2. Little Earthquakes :: Tori Amos
  3. Musicforthemorningafter ::  Pete Yorn
  4. Rumors :: Fleetwood Mac
  5. Songs of Love and Hate :: Leonard Cohen
  6. Transatlanticism :: Death Cab For Cutie
  7. Disintegration :: The Cure
  8. Funeral :: Arcade Fire
  9. Mirror Moves :: The Psychedelic Furs
  10. August and Everything After :: Counting Crows
  11. The Trinity Sessions :: Cowboy Junkies
  12. Live Through This :: Hole
  13. Grace :: Jeff Buckley
  14. Madman Across the Water :: Elton John
  15. Either/Or :: Elliott Smith
  16. Cease to Begin :: Band of Horses
  17. Hunky Dory :: David Bowie
  18. Heartbreaker :: Ryan Adams
  19. In My Tribe :: 10,000 Maniacs
  20. I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning :: Bright Eyes

4 thoughts on “You Are Home :: My top 20 leaving planet earth albums

  1. I want this book of which you speak with lists of music joy… I’d probably hurt myself trying to make choices, but it would be awesome.

  2. Wonderful list! Even more so because it is very different from what mine would be. And I great idea, in shortened form, for a Top Five list.

  3. Topfive: You are a braver soul than I if you can pick just 5! I am always ALWAYS in awe of your ability to do just that.

    Amber: You would both love and agonize over this book, I know I do.

    Todolokis: The ones you have listened to are wonderful! Try the rest 🙂

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