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My best friend gave me this keen book for my birthday this year that I absolutely love, and have been both dying to, and avoiding, using. You see, it is this journal about music, each page a question for you to fill-in and create a list (with fantastic music-related art included, by the way). This is so right up my alley and so what the list-making music obsessive thrives off of. That said, there is something so anxiety inducing (to me) about putting down, in actual pen to paper (and even typed ink to screen paper), seemingly permanent choices of favorites and loves that I have put it off. Enough of that, though, as part of my write more self-demands I am also challenging myself to step out of self-created comfort zones and express myself more.

This book reminds me of something that Penny Lane and William Miller would compile, on those endless bus rides whist following Stillwater on-tour. In one of my all-time favorite films honor, then, I will proceed with filling this book out, sharing my responses here at lyriquediscorde, and feature a photograph of Penny and/or William with each entry, categorizing it under You Are Home entries.

Without further ado, the first near-impossible list (thanks Bree!) in no particular order because it is hard enough to pick twenty, I cannot put them in any kind of best to me order, too.

List Your Top Twenty Favorite Bands
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists

1. The Beatles

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

2. Roxy Music

More Than This

3. Counting Crows

Mrs. Potter’S Lullaby

4. Rilo Kiley

Portions For Foxes

5. Death Cab For Cutie

Title and Registration

6. The Doors

Moonlight Drive

7. The Killers

All These Things That I’ve Done

8. Hole


9. Foo Fighters

Best of You

10. Against Me!

The Ocean (live)

11. Nirvana

All Apologies (live)

12. The Gaslight Anthem

Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts (live)

13. The Kills

Black Balloon

14. Concrete Blonde

Joey (live)

15. Duran Duran

Careless Memories

16. The Cure

Pictures of You

17. Arcade Fire

Ready to Start

18. The Libertines

Up the Bracket

19. Dramarama

Haven’t Got a Clue

20. Fleetwood Mac

Gold Dust Woman

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