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Perception and assumption can be deeply empowering, our own personal checks and balances, that gut feeling that is ever spoken of. They can be our safeguards, our protections, and our intuition.  But sometimes, perception and assumption can be dead wrong. Gone Girl brings to the bookshelf a tale where both are fatally wrong, deliciously so, but still so very wrong.

This is a near impossible review to write because I adamantly do NOT want to spoil anything in this story. The slow reveal – though there is nothing really slow about this witty, fast paced, scathingly worded novel – is part of the journey and also what makes the multiple catastrophic plot twists and climaxes deliver such a punch. I honestly found myself screaming at the pages at times, and at other times, shaking my head vehemently, hardly believing what was happening in words right before my eyes.

This book is the stuff of mind fuckery. This book is the stuff of oh my stars that HAPPENED. This book is the stuff of nightmares and disbelief and of I cannot stop reading devotion. Part of me could not put it down, while the other part of me had to turn away sometimes, just to gather my bearings.

To be honest, I hated the ending. But, also, in all honesty, I do not know what other ending could have worked. That said, I loved the writing, I loved the he said/she said style, and I loved the way this book messed with me.  And the characters, oh my stars the characters, I am not sure I could say I liked them as much as enjoyed being toyed by them, and yes, it was hard not to be taken in and sometimes utterly impressed with their intelligence, wit, and persistence.

The characters, even the smaller ones, were so in color that I felt like I knew them, and could possibly give a detailed enough account of each to have a police sketch artist come up with an accurate rendering, though I am sure even the best criminal profiler – even the Criminal Minds team – would scratch their head at these people, most especially Amy, Nick and Desi.

It promises to be a long, hot end of summer and this is the page turning, emotionally manipulative book to pass the day away indoors. Also, if you do read it, drop me a note as I am dying to have someone to discuss it with that will not be spoiled by any of my potential plot reveals.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Been waiting all summer for this to come in. Picking it up today. WIll let you know when I finish it.

    1. Just finished. Don’t want to write anything here for fear of spoiling it for others. My email should be attached (at least I filled it in below). Æ

  2. Our book club met last week to discuss Gone Girl. At first I too was disappointed in the ending,, or as I say lack of ending, but after pondering it a while came to the conclusion that perhaps that was the only way it could end. Check out the Three word reviews of the book on our blog. It will give you a good idea of what we thought. While you are there…please vote!

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