30 day song challenge :: I was June and you were my Johnny Cash

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 14 :: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

There is something about Katy Perry that draws me in.  Her songs are catchy pop songs that stick in your head, and stay there. Her videos are over-the-top productions, as are her costumes and look changes. I suppose she could be dismissed as pop fluff and radio overplay, and maybe she is, regardless, I enjoy her.

The song, and video, The One That Got Away, are favorites of mine. In the video, which is heartbreaking, that Johnny Cash version of You Are My Sunshine moment at the end just gets me every time.

I think sometimes my pop inclinations surprise some people, but I have never chained myself to one music genre, and I have recently done away with the idea of “guilty pleasures” – if the music makes me feel and I enjoy and embrace it, why should I be guilty?

The One That Got Away :: Katy Perry

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