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The OC

Music and TV can either make a show, and scenes within, better or overtake the entire thing, drowing everything out in an overwhelming manipulation of emotion. Though I do not enjoy being force-fed emotions, something music is often overused in TV for, there are times (many, really) where the music and the TV scene work so well they become intertwined, and unforgettable, to me. I want to start cataloging those times, noting my personal favorites.

The OC was one of the earlier TV shows that seemed to plan their episodes with a soundtrack that would be just as palatable as the show itself. I think most of the time the show did it well, the weaving of music and scene. Other shows that followed, I think, over-used it to either a) illustrate the emotions of a scene where the writing and acting seemed to fail, or b) to push the sales of a soundtrack (or you know, maybe both).

That said, I do not wish to dwell on when it does not work, but instead celebrate when it does work.

At the very end of the pilot of The OC there is this moment where everything works – the music, the lighting, the characters, what is said and unsaid, the exchange of looks between Ryan and Marissa, the pacing – all of it. It is one of those scenes that give me pin-prickly skin and make my eyes tear up, especially when the lyric “I wish I could follow you” plays. The scene, in its entirety, is available to watch (but not embed) here. Click it, and see for yourself.

Honey & the Moon :: Joseph Arthur

“But right now,
everything is turning blue,
and right now,
the sun is trying to kill the moon,
and right now,
I wish I could follow you,
to the shores of freedom,
where no one lives.”

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