You’re the secret in the back of my skull

Some of the most intimate moments, those deepest secrets that are held so tightly inside, are only expressed while we are listening to music. Lyrically speaking, or singing, the truths blow out of our ears and minds and hearts. We cannot hide all of it, not completely, as we are taking in all those songs that tell it all better than we can tell it ourselves. So many feelings, so many fucking feelings, just break loose and free.

We want to be part of something, we want to feel part of something, and we want all the songs to be part of our own stories. The ache for something, for some place, for someone, that is just that much out of reach. Regrets are choices, too.

All those things left unsaid float into the atmosphere, into the ether, and become misunderstandings. We perceive things through the lens of past loves and past heartaches, we take it all in as half-truths and misguided hopes. We should have let this go along time ago, but still the ache remains.

“And yes sometimes it’s just desire,
another problem there you really don’t want.
But anyway, I ache for you.”

Ache for You :: Ben Lee

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