30 day song challenge :: Somewhere only I know

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 6 :: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

You bought the cassette of Michael Penn’s first album at some independent record store around the corner from where we were staying, back when those kinds of places were pretty much everywhere. You gave it to me because you said this song reminded you of me. This was our second trip to the city. We would make many more trips in our future. During one of those trips we would get married, a mistake that I never understood us making.

Though maybe it was San Francisco. That city was magical to us, and we were magical together when we were there. I loved everything about it, the people, the BART, the stores, the bars, the cafes, the coffee, and how everywhere we went there seemed to be music.

Every trip after this one I would tuck this cassette in with the rest of our musical choices. We had this bright turquoise hard plastic box that held tapes in place, and we would fill it before hitting the road, arming ourselves with an arsenol of mixes and favorite full-albums.

This song reminds me more of the city then the boy who gave it to me, my love of the lyrics and melody outlasting the love we had for each other. I wonder if the song still reminds him of me, or if he realizes that we never did dance together, and how that fact is kind of ironic if you think about it/listen to the lyrics.

No Myth :: Michael Penn

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