30 day song challenge :: Reminders

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 5 :: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone

A first love, back I was still clumsy at such things, tripping over myself and shaking when I was up close to it. He was always in-color to me, electricity and passion and excitement, and for a short time he let me into his world. He was different than anyone I had ever known before, layered, complex, much more than what his surfaces would say. Though despite the chaos and passion that he was, he managed to soothe my nerves and made me feel safe, a huge feat at that time in my life, honestly.

He did not break my heart, not really, he just simply faded away one day. The breaking part was me not wanting to let him go, though I never tried to stop him, never chased after him, nor asked him to stay. I am not sure he would of if I had tried. I really do not know.

 Music and kissing was how we began, and music and kissing would be how I would remember us, along with that feeling of falling hard for someone and letting them actually see beneath your surface disguise.

This song will always remind me of him.

Classic Girl :: Jane’s Addiction

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