30 day song challenge :: Makes you sad

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 4 :: A Song That Makes You Sad

Should have” are two of the saddest words when linked together. They harken to regret, speak of missed opportunities, sing of fear in their wishes unrecognized. The proverbial one that got away, we all have one, don’t we? Was it truly out of our hands that the one got away, or did we play an integral part in the loss? Were there things we could have said, actions we could have taken, and explanations left unsaid that could have changed fate?

This song breaks my heart when I hear it because it plinks and plays at those parts of me where “should have” hides, and listening to this song, usually brings out all those feelings, and tears, because the “its not too late” was far too long ago.

Lover You Should’ve Come Over (live) :: Jeff Buckley

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