My 90’s favorites :: #1 Crush

My favorite singles from the ’90’s :: #1 Crush :: Garbage

“I would die for you.
I would kill for you.
I will steal for you.
I’d do time for you.
I will wait for you.
I’d make room for you.
I’d sink ships for you,
take the cross for you
make me a part of you
Because I believe in you.
I believe in you.

I would die for you.”

Looking back over the music that I loved in the 90’s I recognize how many of the songs on my list are sensual and sexual, and all-around hot. Shirley Manson has a voice that drips sex, and the desperation, pleading promises, and borderline sacreligious imagery is intoxicating. I could probably make a list of songs that remind me of sex and not only would this song be on it, but quite a many others from this decade.

On a personal note, I suppose it could signify the 90’s being part of my own sexual awakening. The years that held my growing into a woman, and sorting out sex on my own terms, and not as something that I created in my mind as an adolescent. There was a lot to get over in my life in the sexual arena, and it took quite a bit to allow myself to become someone who not only embraced sexuality, but celebrated it.

As in every other aspect of my life, music was both healing and inspirational. This song is definitely part of my canon of sexual healing and erotic motivation.

“My 90’s favorites”

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